About Us

Cater to the client? Oilfield companies don’t do that…

Ashley Godwin & Kyle Melnyk were solving the world’s problems in Ashley’s basement one night in 2007 when they came up with a concept to build an oilfield construction company that could and would do the job "better". A highly skilled and more flexible administration, faster response times, and an easy to work team were just part of the plan to raise industry standards in safety and quality. Ashley & Kyle have seen every possible situation in their combined 42 years experience in the industry, from both the administration side and the field. They were now ready to step into their place as entrepreneurs and start re-shaping the oil field construction industry for the better.

That’s when TAHK Projects came into existence.

In 2007 TAHK Projects was incorporated when they landed their first job. Not any job. Not your typical startup, TAHK launched into the world on Tupper East and that’s when Ashley & Kyle started building TAHK’s reputation of quality and safety.

In five short years, TAHK Projects has grown from a junior to a major in the oilfield, gas and canola industries. The business offers better service, smooth administrative flow, and is more flexible when it comes to working along side their clients. TAHK Projects employs on average of 500 people at any given time and competes and succeeds in a new realm of oilfield construction companies.

TAHK Projects employs a solid group of trades people that, like TAHK’s clients, prefer to deal with them. Their crew follows them from job to job because they know they get to deal with the decision makers —people who understand the industry from both the contractor’s and client’s perspective.



“Their attention to the completion goals, scheduling, flexibility to our contracting strategy and their ability to respond quickly to work requirements were a key component to making this project a success for everyone involved” – Jim Maddocks, P. Eng., PMP, Gas Liquids Engineering, Tupper West Sour Gas Plant"

“TAHK demonstrated innovativeness and offered invaluable input to Petrogas in resolving issues that occurred during the construction phase. Throughout the entire project TAHK showed initiative and conducted themselves in a very ethical and professional manner. TAHK’s execution of the project resulted in no loss time accidents during the construction period.” John Pysklywec, Project Manager, Petrogas Inc."


We’re Growing!

Today, TAHK Projects has grown to a new level. No longer do they run with the junior companies. Their reputation for catering to the client, getting quality work done safely, and genuinely working to solve their client’s problems have them working in the majors.
From pipeline construction to full plant builds—TAHK is taking on a multitude of projects: